Professional Material Handling Services

Liquidation / Purchasing

We buy used material handling industrial warehouse equipment all over the United States, Mexico and Canada. Provide us with a list of your surplus equipment and we will make an acquisition offer.

Layout / Design

We offer our vast expertise with material handling and storage systems to our customers when planning critical expansions, relocation, and entirely new site development.


Our clients benefit from our experience installing systems of all types. We can work directly with you and achieve your goals for your new current or location.

Wire Guide Systems

Wire guide systems are for high volume/turnover storage systems that provide unmanned order picking and placing. We have vast experience and offer high quality unmanned systems for high volume or fast growing businesses.


Relocating your site can be incredibly difficult and stressful, often involving liquidation, purchasing, and other services to move your site smoothly. We can provide the know-how help them achieve a successful relocation.


Sometimes equipment has outlived its usefulness and simply needs to be removed to make way for something new. We specialize in large scale demolition and scrap removal. Call now for a free custom scrap removal or demolition evaluation!

Raven Technological Services

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