Wire Decking

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Why Wire Decking?

Wire Decking is a great product with many added benefits other than just providing a storage space for inventory. It is specifically designed to provide pallet rack shelving users the capability of storing split case and open case items on shelves, as well as providing improved stability & protection. The deck prevents inventory from slipping off the beams and potentially injuring employees. In addition, the decks have been demonstrated to provide a more consistent support for pallet loads as opposed to just utilizing conventional pallet support bars.

  • Easy installation
  • High visibility for inventory inspection
  • Eliminates dirt build-up
  • Improves air circulation
  • Decreases insurance premiums
  • Increases overhead sprinkler effectiveness
  • Meets fire code standards
  • Easy maintenance
  • Promotes safety

Wire Decking also has the added benefit of being open in case of fire, which other products (particle board, plywood) do not. In the event of a fire, the open design allows water to flow through freely, thus protecting your inventory from major damage. Because of the open design of Wire Decking, more light is able to pass through evenly, making for brighter warehouses. Better distribution of existing lighting is proven to reduce accidents and increase stocking and picking efficiencies. In our opinion the biggest benefit of wire decking is that it does not collect dirt and dust, making for a cleaner warehouse environment.

Different Kinds of Wired Decking

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Flared Channel Wire Decking

Step Channel Wire Decking

Inverted Channel Wire Decking

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