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Shelving Benefits

  • Modular designs
  • Stand alone units
  • Easily expandable

Shelving is an efficient cost-effective for storage of material when pallet rack is too bulky. The wide range of shelf sizes and capacities permits design of a bulk shelving system ideal for specific needs.

Different Kinds of Shelving

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Industrial Clip Shelving


  • Warehouse
  • Storereoom
  • High-Rise System
  • Multi-Level System
  • Archive/Record Room

Rivet Wide Span Wedge-Lock


  • Archive/record storage
  • Hand stack material
  • Office supplies
  • Households & garages

Automotive Shelving Systems


  • Storeroom
  • Auto Service Center
  • Auto Dealership
  • Auto Parts Store

Mezzanine Shelving Systems


  • Warehouse
  • Distribution Facility
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Archive/Record Storage

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