Pallet Flow Rack

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When Should Pallet Flow Be Implemented?

  • Producers that turn out multiple pallets of individual SKU’s
  • First-in/first-out stock accounting
  • Highly standardized skid and pallet dimensions
  • Closely packed freezer applications
  • Food and inventory with a limited shelf life

How Does Pallet Flow Work?

Pallets are loaded from the backside where gravity causes the entire pallet to travel down the rollers to the front of the rack where they are later unloaded. Since pallets flow down the tracks to the face of the rack, empty slots are at the rear and can be replenished without forgoing first-in/first-out stock rotation, and without interrupting order picking.

What Are The Benefits?

Pallet flow rack systems eliminate aisles and thus increase storage and space utilization. Pallet flow systems have higher initial investment outlays, since they are comprised of more components, than most pallet rack systems.

Pallet flow rack saves space, is consistent with FIFO, can be loaded with your existing lift equipment, reduces forklift damage, and reduces operating costs since pallets are handled just once.

What Are The Benefits of Pallet Flow?

Call for the most up to date inventory information.

  • Increase Warehouse Capacity: Bulk storage reduces the number of aisles needed to store products.
  • Reduce Operating Expenses: Higher density storage saves on Property Plant and Equipment because storage capacity is increased.
  • Facilitate First-in, first-out (FIFO): Pallets flow naturally through the system via gravity.
  • Reduce Handling Costs: Gravity does all the work; no need to have employees rearranging pallets.
  • Reduce Handling Equipment Costs: Forklifts are required only for the initial loading and final unloading.

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