Professional Material Handling Products

Pallet Rack

We support every type of rack. If you are unsure of your needs, call us today.

Wire Decking

The most common surface for pallet rack, we have a vast array of decking types.


No aisle uprights to obstruct the use of horizontal space. Ideal for storing longer, bulky items.


Designed to allow lift trucks to drive into. For high density storage for non-stackable loads.


High quality industrial shelving can leverage warehouse space more effectively.


Often called Push-Back Rack, Pallet-Flow are high density bulk storage systems.

Carton Flow

Boxes flow down trays feed via gravity. Often used for fastest-moving or odd-shaped merchandise.

Dock Equipment

We have a large inventory of dock equipment that we purchase from customers.


Custom fabricates mezzanines to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Automated inventory moving saves money and protects your merchandise.

Wire Guidance Systems

We install professional wire guidance systems, also known as unmanned handling systems.

Lift Trucks

New and used lift trucks and lift equipment inventory and partner dealers.

Raven Technological Services

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