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Our History

For over twenty years we have supported clients across the country in the material handling industry. Our vast experience offers time and cost-saving insight to warehouse managers, project managers, and more.

Our Service

We buy, sell, move, assemble, tear down, resell, and stock new and used commercial storage solutions and industrial equipment. We contract new site design, relocation, and assemblies. We will work with you to custom build solutions and help make more efficient use of space and operations.

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Happy Customers

“The Raven team helped us choose right racks to expand our warehouse operations they managed to match not only the type but also the color so our build out looks uniform across the whole warehouse great local company to work with.”

John Miller

“We contacted raven before buying brand new horizontal racks from china they helped us select some used racking that was better built; they delivered setup and ended up saving us quite a bit of money would recommend”

Andrea Anderson

Raven Technological Services

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